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Student Loan

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How we're different.

Disclaimer: Ameritech Financial specializes in federal student loan document preparation and processing services to assist borrowers identify and gain approval for one or more government debt relief programs. We are not a government agency, the Department of Education, or your loan servicer. Ameritech Financial is a private company, not affiliated with the government or your loan servicer.

You may review various options and apply for the same government debt relief programs through the Department of Education without paying a fee. However, we pride ourselves in providing value in saving time for consumers to maneuver everything just as a tax preparation specialist charges fees for its services, even though consumers can complete their documents on their own.

That is why we charge a fee if you work with us. We do not make any loan payments on your behalf and the loans remain in your name. We do not operate/function as a loan servicer in any way. We do not receive payment until after you are accepted into one of the Department of Education’s programs and make your first payment on your loan.Read more...

Financial Analysis

Our agents will perform a total loan evaluation and provide a comprehensive one-on-one budgetary consultation.

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Document Preparation

We'll do the work for you so you can focus on what's important. No more drowning in a sea of confusing paperwork and processing!

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Yearly Recertification

We are with you until the end. Including the yearly recertification until the term of your loan. We will keep you on track for loan forgiveness.

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Ameritech Financial has helped thousands of student loan borrowers find their way to financial freedom and once again feel empowered by their education. ONE call today can change your life!

Why Ameritech Financial?

We have great customer service

Our representatives and agents have experience by having helped thousands of clients find relief from un-affordable Student Loan payments they just can’t afford.

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We use dedicated account providers.

Ameritech Financial provides its customers with the option of using a dedicated account provider as a means to more efficiently and better safeguard their client’s interests and to fully adopt a 100% performance driven business model. Complete and total satisfaction is the standard our clients can count on.

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We have thousands of satisfied clients

Our certified agents have helped thousands of borrowers just like you find relief from their unafforable Student Loan payments.

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Proudly serving you from the United States.

Throughout your entire experience with our company, you can feel confident knowing you will always be working with someone that is U.S. based. We are proud of the fact the we do not outsource any of our work.

  • secure dedicated accont provider
  • clients
  • located in the USA

"Ameritech has helped to make repaying my loans so much easier and worry free! Their customer service is a big reason in helping me through the process of consolidating my loans. "

Our Clients Speak For Us

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Ameritech Financial
Ameritech Financial
4.8 out of 5 stars
2 reviews
1101 Investment Blvd #290
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762, USA
(800) 792-8621
Ameritech Financial
Matthew Pettis
5 out of 5 stars
Awesome experience!! It was barely 30 days ago when I was struggling with my payments and I am now seeing much lower payments from both of my servicers! very...
Ameritech Financial
Lorrie Campbell
5 out of 5 stars
If anyone is looking for help with your student loans, please give Ameritech Financial a call. Their representatives are highly trained and very qualified to...
Ameritech Financial
Cathe Juck
5 out of 5 stars
Thank you, thank you, thank you! With one phone call I was able to lower my monthly loan payments! The guy I talked to was really nice and helpful. He asked...

Submitted to Us

N. Ferris

Grayhawk Golf Club
My Account Representative at Ameritech Financial has done a great job and is helping me save thousands in student loans. It's tough when you don't have a lot of money so any savings is a blessing.

R. Rogers

Cenpatico Behavioral Health
Wow, AmeriTech really came to my rescue in providing me an opportunity to establish an affordable repayment plan for my federal student loans. My Account Specialist provided friendly and excellent customer care. I consider her to be my personal guardian angel, in paving my individual path to financial freedom.

W. Wayt

I spoke to a Customer Service representative moments ago about a problem that has been ongoing (3 months) with my account. She was professional, polite, informative, and helpful in every way. I was completely satisfied with my conversation with her and I thank you for her service.

N. Penn

CH2M Hill
She was very pleasant and professional. She was even patient with me while I picked my grandson up from preschool. It was a pleasure speaking with Ameritech.

J. Klunder

Ameritech is great. They were extremely helpful and informative. I appreciated how much my Account Specialist explained to me and how friendly she was. She didn't mind me asking 1000 questions and not understanding a few things. She was wonderful and I thank her for her help!

S. Whitley-Hill

I've been paying off my student loans for years and the amount I owe seem to never change. The day I talked my Re at Ameritech changed everything for me. She was able to reduce my loans and the amount of years I have to pay it back. I'm so happy I made that call and got the help from Ameritech Financial when I did.

B. Hagge

Quick, fast, friendly, very helpful answering all my questions.

G. Yeiser

Special Education Teacher
I am so grateful that a colleague pointed me in the direction of this student loan document preparation program. As an inner-city school teacher, I make more in terms of non-monetary rewards than monetary, and my student loan payments were becoming an incredible weight. The account specialist I worked with was more than helpful, kind, and patient, and a pleasure to work with.

B. Wood

Ameritech has helped to make repaying my loans so much easier and worry free! Their customer service is a big reason in helping me through the process of consolidating my loans. They made my process virtually effortless, and are available any time I have a question. They really about helping me and I always feel at ease after speaking with them!

K. Hernandez

Ameritech customer service answered my questions, and was very polite. I am satisfied with the service I received and will be on the path to reducing my student loan debt.

T. Kiefer

My Account Rep was an amazing specialist. She is very friendly, knowledgable, and a darn swell gal!

A. Cote

Forklift operator
Ameritech was very helpful in assisting me during my student loan process!

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Our Goal

At Ameritech Financial , we work to align each client with the different u.s department of education programs available to them based on their income, occupational, and loan status situation.

Ameritech Financial’s analysis, document preparation, and other products and services are optional and mutually exclusive from each other. while all federal programs recommended by Ameritech financial are freely available for enrollment through the U.S. Department of Education, our analysis is customized to each client’s needs to determine which programs are right for their unique and particular situation.

The Association for Student Loan Relief (“AFSLR”) is the leading association of professionals associated with the sole purpose of assisting Americans burdened with student loan debt. More Info

The IAPDA is North America’s leading debt settlement, credit counseling and student loan consolidation training and certification programs. More Info