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Ameritech Financial Referral FAQs

Ameritech Financial makes the referral program easy. Easy to SHARE and easy to EARN. We give you the power to SHARE through social media, email, print and a custom link. All referrals that come from these sources will be tracked for you. Try it today, SHARE on facebook or twitter and see what happens.

Once you are a Ameritech Financial client you will be part of the Ameritech Referral program. All you need to do is log in and share. You can then track the response rate and see what you earn in credits to your Tango Card. SHARE page on Facebook.

After you log in you can go to the SHARE page and choose how you will SHARE the benefits of Ameritech Financial. You choose how you SHARE, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Email and many other options all with just a click of a button.

Every time you SHARE and a referral accepts we will make sure they qualify for the program and if they do and become a Ameritech Financial client after completing 2 payments to Ameritech you will be rewarded $25 credit on your Tango Card. Tango Card can be used at many locations and online. Try out now. SHARE today!

Customers can easily reach us via toll free calls and texts. Also, find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy? Give us a call anytime!

Toll Free: (800) 792-8621
Fax: (866) 818-9026