Catherine Chadwick
October 2018

Voting Is The Voice Of The People. 469,000 Voices Were Just Silenced

Voting is considered one of the top ways to have a voice heard in America. In a country that loves to talk about its democratic freedoms, voting is a necessity for that democratic freedom to actually be used. Voting is supposed to affect everything from health care, to housing, to student loan legislation, directly or otherwise. But when states purge voters from their registration lists with shady methods, that spells trouble in the worst way.

In the middle of the most controversial American presidency in the nation’s history, voters need to be heard from either side. Illegal voter purging tactics limit those voices. Indiana’s purging of 469,000 voters using suspect methods is a deliberate silencing of those votes. In a state of only 6.7 million, that’s 14% of voters that just had their rights taken away. Indiana admits to using the Interstate Crosscheck list, which goes directly against a June 2018 federal court order. The Interstate Crosscheck list is known to be ineffective in its efforts to cross-reference voters who have moved out of state and often racist in operation.

People struggling to get by because of low wages, limited work hours, high demands for experienced workers when they have no way to get that kind of credentials, and mounting debt have enough to worry about. When events like this happen, past the date of voter registration for the upcoming election period, people may not even have the energy and time to do something about it. Which is what tactics like this are counting on.

25 other states have received notice of pending suit. The deadline for voter registration this year hasn’t passed yet in every state. Double check that you’re registered, resend forms if you have to, and make sure your voice is heard this year.

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Catherine Chadwick

Catherine is a long time local of the North Bay Area and lives with her two cats and many reptiles. She graduated from the local junior college, with degrees in English, Natural Sciences, and Social & Behavioral Sciences. Her interests vary frequently, which lends themselves to her ever-evolving writing. Working at a couple of departments in Ameritech Financial, she has seen much of the processes that go on and aims to lend her knowledge to those around her. She is easily reached by direct message or email.

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