Mike Davies
January 2017

Students Boomeranging Back Home

Studies are starting to look at what is causing students to boomerang. Returning home from college is growing at a steady rate. But what is causing it? In 2017 you have a lot to pick from the job market, low wages, student loans.

“In my close group of friends, with few exceptions, we all pretty much live at home,” Mike Rocchio, a 23-year-old graduate living with his parents in Rhode Island said. “Out of six kids that I’m really close with, three of them live in an apartment together, and three of us live at home, and it really depends on loans. I know for the three of us who live at home, (our debt) was in the six figures.”

Studies are starting to look into what is driving more and more graduates back home with their parents after school. In 2017 you have a lot to pick from the job market, low wages, student loans. Now coined as the term, boomeranging, returning home from college is steady growing.

Mike Rocchio graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2015 with over $150,000 in student debt and works as a clinical research coordinator in Boston. “It was pretty much a no-brainer,” he said. “There was no way I was going to be able to make loan payments and afford rent on an apartment, especially in Boston.”

Some students are returning home because of practicality, “They don’t mind me being here, and I don’t mind being here,” said Corey Dowe, 23. “I’m just trying to be smart with money right now, so it’s somewhat money-oriented, but it’s not because of debt.” But is there a direct link? Corey Dowe said she does not have significant debt after college but it makes sense to live at home while she completes her online master’s degree program.

The study published by Sociology of Education found that overall students who returned home had less debt than the students who didn’t return home. However, there was a link between black students having a 20% increase in returning home with just a 10% increase is student debt. The truth is that while there isn’t definitive evidence across the board that student loans are causing graduates to return home doesn’t mean this isn’t the beginning. Wages are stagnant and inflation is getting worse. Making student loan assistance through employers or figuring out the correct repayment path for you is very important to sustain a viable and gratifying financial future.

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