Mike Davies
February 2017

Who Has More Student Debt? Women or Men?

One in four millennials owes more than $30,000 in student debt.

One in four millennials owes more than $30,000 in student debt. Women shoulder most of it. This fact is due to women greatly outnumbering men when it comes to attending college. Because of this more women pursue a graduate degree. That leads to larger loan balances.

Nichole Heisler, 26, was forced to delay her wedding three years because of her student loans. Even after doing everything right: attended an affordable state college, finished in four years, got a position as a residence advisor, and she received scholarships she still is paying back over $30,000. The associate graphics designer who graduated from Bowling Green said, “I take a large chunk of my income and put it towards my student loans.” Heisler went on, “That doesn’t leave much for a wedding.”

She isn’t alone, 42% of women have more than $30,000 in debt compared to only 27% of men. Women are also two times more likely than men to think that it will take them more than 20 years to pay off their loans according to ORC Internation, a market research firm.

Even if you’re like Nichole Heisler and do seemingly everything right along the way, student loans are still going to have an adverse effect on your life. Tread lightly, and seek help when you need it. You shouldn’t have to put your life on hold for student loans. Holding your wedding off for three years shouldn’t have to be the path you take. There are options for you, Ameritech Financial is a company that specializes in student loans. Their specialty is people and providing them with a more financially successful future, don’t put your life on hold, call Ameritech Financial.

Options are available to help

Most people do not realize that there are programs designed to help those who may be struggling with their student loan payments. Thousands of borrowers have trusted Ameritech Financial to be their advocate. Click here to find out what options are available. Our services could help you get back on track.

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Mike Davies

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