Catherine Chadwick
October 2018

Pennsylvania Attorney General Claims Win In Suit Against Navient

Navient Corp. and the state of Pennsylvania have recently come to an end of one of their court battles. The court battle ended in Pennsylvania’s favor; Navient will, in fact, have to grant  Attorney General Josh Shapiro access to loan records that previously Navient refused to provide access to.

Innocent until proven guilty is what this country’s court system runs on. Evidence is needed to find a party guilty of something. But when potential evidence is withheld it makes coming to a verdict rather difficult. At the same time, an innocent party shouldn’t have to give up items that it doesn’t want to.

At this time Navient has declined to offer comments, but previous comments still stand for them. “The allegations are completely unfounded,” the company said, “and the case was filed without any review of Pennsylvania residents’ customer accounts.”

Considering five states now are in various stages of suit against Navient, quoted in this lawsuit as the largest federal and private student loan servicer, it seems that this case is going to be a long court battle. With so many borrowers claiming to have been improperly treated by their servicer, though, some people might argue that it would be best to cooperate to prove their innocence.

It will be a while before the rest of the case comes to a close due to the long process of properly examining the evidence, and other states will have to have their own court rulings, but this will certainly change the field of student loans one way or another.

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Catherine Chadwick

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