Catherine Chadwick
August 2018

No Such Thing As A “Weak Student”

Many people have heard that they are “weak” in a subject or at schooling while growing up. Hearing something like that while growing up and then continuing to hear it in college certainly isn’t encouraging. In fact, it is often downright detrimental.

Some students may hear that they’re weak in an area and put forth extra effort to work on improving. Others may hear something like that and simply avoid the subject or constantly thinking poorly about their abilities – creating a negative feedback loop while working on the subject. People respond better to positive feedback than negative, but too often that is the opposite of what they receive. Individuals will always have certain aspects that they can improve on, but to begin working on those subject improvements, the people with the power should encourage a student’s academic endeavors and not simply label them as “weak” in order focus on a more “capable” student.

Too often teachers have limited ways of teaching, such as by regulations, time limitations, or being stuck in their ways. Students can be left behind as a result. If a student is struggling due to the way the subject is being taught, especially in the early stages of education, it has the potential to stunt their academic growth later on.

The student is then punished later in life, because of the stunted learning, by being deemed weak and blamed for not taking more initiative even though the problem has been a long, ongoing issue. A student that struggles in school often winds up struggling through other events later in life. Struggling in school may mean attending college for a longer period of time, getting a less useful education, and getting a less desirable job that can impact their life financially.

There needs to be a change in how people think about students that do poorly at all school levels. Instead of labeling them as a problem and brushing them aside or criticizing them, there should be a focus on how to better aid them in their learning.

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Catherine Chadwick

Catherine is a long time local of the North Bay Area and lives with her two cats and many reptiles. She graduated from the local junior college, with degrees in English, Natural Sciences, and Social & Behavioral Sciences. Her interests vary frequently, which lends themselves to her ever-evolving writing. Working at a couple of departments in Ameritech Financial, she has seen much of the processes that go on and aims to lend her knowledge to those around her. She is easily reached by direct message or email.

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