Mike Davies
February 2017

How Do We End College Regret?

An alarming 24% of the Claris Finance survey said their college education was a waste of time. And 20% of students wish they attended a different, cheaper school.

We all have done some things we wish we could take back, but when it comes to college regrets, most people don’t think about finances. According to The College Board, college costs more now than ever. They price the average four-year private college is $33,480 per year which is more than any other year adjusted for inflation. If you include room and board The College Board has the cost at $45,370 per year at a private four-year school. This number is up 3.4% from just last year.

Public schools aren’t much better students are paying $35,370 on average for out of state public colleges. If you are lucky enough to stay in the state you’re looking at $20,090. These numbers are causing 20% of college graduates wish they had gone to a cheaper school, per Claris Finance.

An alarming 24% of the Claris Finance survey said their college education was a “waste of time.” In terms of income the college grad still beats out someone who is only a high school diploma, but the college grad has also amassed large quantities of debt. In fact, the average graduate from the class of 2016 left college with $37,172 in student loans which are up 6% from 2015.

Is the tradeoff worth it? 43% of college graduates have no regrets and feel good about their decision but that means more than half of those surveyed regretted their choice in school. Picking schools are hard, dealing with the loans that follow is even harder. Make sure to know all the facts before making your decision.

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Mike Davies

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