Mike Davies
April 2016

ECSU Under Fire

ECSU Under Fire after Internal Audits Expose Administrative Corruption

The University of North Carolina has released information exposing various administrative issues at the Elizabeth City State University. In response to these findings, former ECSU chancellor, Stacey Franklin Jones has stepped forward to defend the school of these allegations. The University of North Carolina ran a few audits over the past year, which outlines multiple problems with the ECSU system. The audit exposes 21 issues in both the admissions and financial offices at ECSU.

The report revealed that the university had severe errors with federal financial aid. The school has granted financial aid to unqualified students who were not in good academic standing or have unfairly disbursed grants and loans. In addition to this issue, the school has lost eligibility for federal student loans after having a 50% default rate for three consecutive years.

Not only did the UNC audits reveal issues in the admissions and financial offices, UNC disclosed information about the campus police department as well. In the year 2013, the chief of campus police resigned his position after it had come to the school’s attention that over 100 crime reports hadn’t been investigated.

The low turnout rates have reflected the issues that have occurred at ECSU over the last few years. Over the last six years, the school has lost half enrollment. Of the prospective freshmen that applied, only 19.5% of the applicants enrolled for the 2015 Fall term. In addition to this exceptionally low enrollment rate, the school has been admitting unqualified students that do not meet the minimum admissions requirements. Documents in enrollment packages were found to be incomplete. For example, there were many cases of missing high school transcripts.

There have been numerous complaints from staff members regarding the job training and roles that the university lacks. Some of these complaints were in regards to specific job roles not being clearly outlined by supervisors, which resulted in a high turnover rate for university employees. This report uncovered excess spending by university staff, by making long­ distance phone calls to Senegal in 2014.

After Jones’ resignation, Thomas Conway has stepped in to be the new chancellor and to take on the role of implementing new rules to help make Elizabeth City State University a better school for the future.

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