Mike Davies
January 2016

How To Create a FSA ID – Video

How to create an FSA ID

You will need an FSA ID to electronically sign and submit your FAFSA, as well as to make any needed corrections later. And if you are a dependent student, your parent will need his or her own FSA ID, too.

This video is related to the recent article we posted FAFSA a Little Too Secure. So we know that it can be hard to navigate through all the hoops in creating an FSA ID. Watch this video from the Federal Student Aid YouTube account to clear some things up about creating an FSA ID.

If you follow the instructions set in place you should be able to breeze through account creation but small mistakes such as writing your name down as Ben instead of Benjamin could cause quite a time-consuming headache. Just resetting a forgotten password or even ID is “a lengthy, complicated process,” stated by Hendrick. One of the reset options actually requires a 30 minute waiting time for the reset to take place.

Department of Education spokeswoman, Dorie Nolt, said that they have received few complaints and that most applicants have been moving swiftly through the process. Though it should be noted that most applicants will be applying and creating accounts in January because that is the start of the financial aid season and the new improved security measures went into effect in May 2015. Which means most people are running into the problem for the first time now.

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