Ameritech Financial Reviews in Video Part 2

More reviews from clients:

Regarding our Certified Account Specialist Greg Davis:

“Working with Ameritech was fantastic! My Account Specialist, Greg Davis was amazingly knowledgable and easy to work with throughout the process. I could tell that he was very conscientious and had my best interests at heart. The process was smooth and relatively quick, considering the amount of information that was required of me during its completion. I will be recommending Ameritech to my colleagues and friends!! Thank you for your time and energy!!”

Regarding our Certified Account Specialist Suzanne Heffner:

“Susan was very helpful and provided me with all the answers to the many questions I had. She is very dedicated to taking care of her customers and providing us with the best possible experience. I felt very comfortable during the process and knew that Susan was looking out for my best interest. I believe that she is a tremendous asset to the Ameritech Financial. During our conversation, Susan raved about the company she works for and how she was lucky to work for such a group. It is wonderful to hear employees who brag about their work environment. I am glad I made the call to Ameritech Financial.”

“Ameritech Finacial has helped me get out from under the insurmountable debt I had from my student loans. Suzanne was pleasant and very helpful over the phone. The process was extremely easy and I recommend anyone with student loan debt give them a cal. They are saving me $20,000 and getting my payments lowered to a manageable amount! I have absolutely no complaints. Thank you, Ameritech Financial!”

“Completing the process with Ameritech was quick and efficient. The customer rep with whom I worked (Susanne) was great. It appears as if I will be saving a considerable sum of money as well as have some much lower monthly payments. I encourage anyone with a federal student loan to check into this program.”