Ameritech Financial Reviews in Video

More reviews from clients:


Regarding our Certified Account Specialist Chris Patton:

“Chris was super helpful. This is the first time in over a decade that I actually have a payment plan I can afford. I will definitely be recommending Ameritech Financial!”

“Chris was very helpful and kind. He gave me great information and answered all my questions. It was great working with him.”

Regarding our Certified Account Specialist Feras Zumot:

“Feras Zumot, my advisor/customer service representative was very informative and helpful. He explained all scenarios and assured me my financial liability was secure and even sent information verifying the company was listed with the Better Business Bureau. I admit I was skeptical at first to proceed, but he allowed me time to review all the documents and research the company to assure myself they were legit. I am thankful for his help and appreciate all the time he spent with me on the phone each time I have called him. He never has tried to rush me off the phone and always ask if I have all my questions answered before we depart.”

Regarding our Certified Account Specialist Morgan Oskiera:

“It was such a pleasure to talk with Morgan I felt like I have been knowing her for years – she was very calm and patient with me – anything I needed she answered it or she got an answer for me – I felt so special – very easy to talk too. I wish there were more people like her in customer service.”