Mike Davies
March 2016

Ameritech Financial Attacks the Student Loan Debt Crisis Head On While Giving to Charity

Ameritech Financial Announces a new referral program offering clients with earned rewards the opportunity to donate their rewards to one of several non-profit charities and will match each client donation dollar for dollar. The program is not just limited to active clients.

Rohnert Park, CA March 12, 2016

A few weeks ago, Northern-California based company Ameritech Financial announced that it will be expanding its technological infrastructure in order to account for the increasing demand of word-of-mouth business.

As of March 1st 2016, the company has launched an easy-to-use online referral ambassador platform that will allow both clients and non-clients to easily invite their friends and family to inquire as to whether they may be appropriate candidates for Federal repayment programs offered through the Department of Education and to see if Ameritech Financial can assist in filling out application forms for such programs.

“We made it incredibly simple to use,” says Tom Knickerbocker, the Vice President of Operations, “Consumers interested in seeing if they are appropriate for one of these programs just has to fill out a simple form with their name and contact information. We then get in touch with them and do a quick financial analysis to see if they meet the necessary requirements.”

The entire referral platform consists of two pages – one page to send referral “blasts” to their friends and family, through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, and one page to track the status of their referral blasts.

In terms of payment for their efforts? Ameritech Financial teamed up with Tango Card, which allows for clients who claim successful referrals to instantly redeem credit to be spent at nearly 60 online and retail locations, including Amazon.com, iTunes, Google Play, Chili’s, REI, Target and more. But it doesn’t stop there.

“We also give our clients the ability to donate their referral credit to one of several non-profit charities,” says Jason Cutter, the company’s Business Development Special Projects Manager. Cutter explains, “in order to encourage this, we will match their donation dollar for dollar. We’re in the business of helping people. Whether it’s helping student loan borrowers enroll into Department of Education repayment programs, or donating to a fantastic cause, it will always be the backbone of our business.”

The new referral platform is now available for all Non-Clients, and Clients who enroll with Ameritech Financial. For more information, or to see if you are a borrower who may qualify for a repayment plan, call 1-800-792-8621 ext. 1.

About Ameritech Financial:
Ameritech Financial has already helped thousands of people with financial analysis and student loan document preparation services for federal loan forgiveness programs offered through the Department of Education. Ameritech Financial prides itself on its exceptional 24/7 customer service. The company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has achieved an A+ rating.

To learn more about Ameritech Financial, please contact:
Ameritech Financial
5789 State Farm Dr. Suite 265
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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