Mike Davies
March 2016

Ameritech Financial Adds Support from Dedicated Account Provider

Rohnert Park, CA –Northern-California based company Ameritech Financial publicly announces that it has enlisted the services of a Dedicated Account Provider as a means to more efficiently and better safeguard their client’s interests, and to fully adopt a performance driven business model.

Consumer protection laws that are designed to protect consumers when they transact by telephone set payment restrictions for companies in industries similar to that of Ameritech Financial.   While these laws were not intended when originally written to apply to Ameritech Financial’ s business, the company is taking proactive steps to comply with such laws to avoid any questions and provide the highest standard of services available in the industry.

Ameritech Financial will now provide its customers with the option of using a dedicated account provider to serve as a banking and escrow platform to safeguard their funds until the company performs and gets each customer the results they deserve.

“This has been in place since day 1 of the company in order to stay fully compliant with FTC regulations,” says Tom Knickerbocker, Vice President of Operations at AmeriTech, “we knew going into this business that every client is different and that some clients may take longer than others to fully process their paperwork. We want our prospective clients to know that we won’t collect a dime of our document preparation fees until our services are fully rendered, client first payment is complete, and proof is shown to reflect that.

“By doing this, we only earn our fees upon performance of our services, and we make sure to fully disclose our services to the client before enrollment and before they sign anything. With this dedicated account provider in place, our clients have a sort of security blanket in place.  That is, our company is better incentivized to get the quickest and best result for each customer because otherwise – we won’t be able to take in the income.”

For more information, or to see if you are a borrower who may qualify for a repayment plan, call 1-800-792-8621 ext. 1.

About Ameritech Financial

Ameritech Financial helps consumers with student loan repayment application preparation services for federal loan forgiveness programs offered through the Department of Education.

Each representative on the phone is certified through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) and has received the Certified Student Loan Professional Certification through the Association for Student Loan Relief (AFSLR).

Ameritech Financial prides themselves on their exceptional 24/7 customer service and 100% client satisfaction. They are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and have achieved an A+ rating.


To learn more about Ameritech Financial please contact:
Ameritech Financial
5789 State Farm Dr. Suite 265
Rohnert Park, CA 949281-800-792-8621

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