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Submitted to us

B. Wood, Chiropractor

Ameritech has helped to make repaying my loans so much easier and worry free! Their customer service is a big reason in helping me through the process of consolidating my…

W. Wayt, Pastor

I spoke to a Customer Service representative moments ago about a problem that has been ongoing (3 months) with my account. She was professional, polite, informative, and helpful in every…

K. Hernandez, Cashier

Ameritech customer service answered my questions, and was very polite.  I am satisfied with the service I received and will be on the path to reducing my student loan debt….

On Yelp

A Yelp User
Ronald C.
I worked with Janet Fletcher out of their northwest California office and from the moment I was in the know about the whole process works. Was paying $99 a month and the overall numbers compared to the debt I had from going to college was much lower. Was very impressed with how the process works as I read a lot of reviews online and didnt think that student loan debt consolidation was the right move for me after hearing about the process from others in my graduating class that tried out the service. After speaking with Janet and now having a lower monthly payment I've become extremely happy with the whole process and am glad I did so. 5 stars to anybody who saves me money.

On Google

A Google User
A Google User
Thank you, thank you, thank you! With one phone call I was able to lower my monthly loan payments! The guy I talked to was really nice and helpful. He asked me all these questions about my loans. I didn't want to defer, but I wasn't earning that much and the payments were killing me. He gave me options for programs to consolidate and lower monthly payments. The people at Ameritech really want to help and their service is amazing!
A Google User
A Google User
One of the best features of Ameritech Financial is the company's success rate at helping me with my terms of student loan deferment plans. A good number of new college graduates that I spoke with also used Ameritech Financial and we are all pissed off to find out that our starting salaries are not sufficient enough to meet my daily expenses and make the monthly student loan payments once the deferment period is up. Jessica my account specialist helped to get payments reduced and others deferred for a period.