On February 7, 2018, this company was sued by the Federal Trade Commission for practices related to their student loan debt relief operation. The United States District Court entered a Preliminary Injunction Order on November 29, 2018, and appointed a Receiver to take possession and control of American Financial Benefits Center d/b/a AFB and AF Student Services, AmeriTech Financial, and Financial Education Benefits Center. The Receiver has suspended operations and is now conducting a review of the businesses.

We recommend that you immediately contact your student loan servicer. A list of student loan servicers can be found at: For free information about repaying your federal student loans, go to

The Receiver has established a webpage with information about the lawsuit which will be periodically updated.

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Student loans are stressful, but with the right knowledge and support it's easy to get on track to manage your student loan debt. At Ameritech Financial, we can help. We are a document preparation company specializing in the student loan industry. We have cultivated a performance-based system that focuses on our clients’ needs. It’s only natural that client satisfaction has been our goal from the beginning.

Most college students turn to financial aid through federal student loans to handle excessive tuition fees. It’s risky to take on debt, but they justify it by saying they are investing in their future. However, they rarely consider what repayment will look like or how they will make the high monthly payments once out of college.

After graduation, it's common for people to explore the freedom that replaces mandatory class attendance, acknowledge the hard-earned accomplishments, and daydream about what the future holds. Instead, for many the optimism of starting a new career or business quickly fades once faced with the outstanding amount of debt owed immediately out of school.

Instead of investing in a new business or going after the career they dreamed of while still in the classroom, people place their dreams on hold. They often settle for a job that forces them to live paycheck to paycheck.They find themselves unable to save or borrow money, purchase a home, or even pay for basic necessities.

A majority of their disposable income goes toward their monthly student loan payments. They feel trapped in a vicious cycle of debt that limits their otherwise limitless potential.

Does this sound familiar?

At Ameritech Financial we believe the pursuit of formal education should empower people, not hinder them.

Our goal is simple: We aim to help you manage your student loan debt by aligning you with the U.S. Department of Education programs that fit your specific needs and achieve your financial goals.

As a student loan borrower post-graduation, there are four things we’ll help you get to effectively manage your student loan debt:

  • A detailed understanding of your finances, budget, family household, and professional status as it relates to the different programs available
  • A detailed understanding of the existing programs that you may qualify for, their advantages and disadvantages, and how they directly apply to your specific student loan situation
  • Important student loan industry information, program modifications or changes, and foreseeable government action relating to student loan borrowers
  • Proper document preparation and filing for specific federal programs, strategically targeted form submission timelines, and status updates for the programs applied for through the Department of Education

At this time the national student loan debt is $1.4 trillion and growing each year. It is the second largest debt in the United States next to home mortgages. With no resolution in sight, it truly is the next financial crisis facing our country.

Ameritech Financial has helped thousands of student loan borrowers achieve financial freedom and once again feel empowered by their education.

Every situation is different, so we never provide a “cookie-cutter” solution.

With our abundance of experience we will customize a solution to your specific financial and student loan needs to meet your financial goals. We will provide you with all of the tools and resources necessary to properly manage your student loan debt so your student loan debt no longer manages you!

If you want to learn more about how we can help you in your specific student loan situation, give us a call. Or if you feel there is any way for us to improve our service or if you have other suggestions, please feel free to contact us: (800) 792-8621.